Stories for animal lovers

These books are for animal lovers and are the first two in a series of three that cover a total period of 39 years.

Many of the tales are humourous but a few are sad. Most however just tell the story of my animal friends being themselves and displaying their own sort of intelligence, patience and sense of adventure.

Hopefully readers will gain a little more insight into how their own animal friends relate, either with the humans in their life or with each other. If this happens I have fully achieved my goal.

$5.00 from the sale of each book will go to support the excellent and necessary work done by and Animal Welfare League (Qld) and RSPCA (Qld).

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  A truly insightful look into how a companion animal affects your life

Katie Garrett,

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How will I be helping RSPCA Queensland?

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  Embraces the notion of responsible animal care, companionship & compassion.

Graham Carter,